My fairy AI

(Sutabi-old) #1

Not much of a game really just shows a ball hovering around as you move. Still some work though it seems to fly a bit to far when you move to fast. I also made a bouncing ball as well :slight_smile: but thats kinda crappy no one want a bouncing ball following. I am gonna work on a dog or pet AI mainly follow you, of course it run into you, but also when you attack a monster it will help you, as well as gain exp. But its 2:46 am right no so ill leave that for later today.


(S_W) #2

Good work, the ai works great! :slight_smile:

(blengine) #3

nice, great character and ai…i like the water too

(saluk) #4

Hey, for just a few logic bricks, this is great! The textures are all really nice too. Keep working on the rpg:)

(Yamyam) #5

nice work. This is an interested thing…:slight_smile:

(TurboG) #6

Don’t think this has to do with the main thing, but if you go forwards you slow…Go backwards…Wow! You fly fast! I was making the little dude ramp off the bumps :slight_smile: Great looking if you can get the main programing and stuff done.