My Fan Game (another one ?)

Hi. This is an on and off project for me. I’m a fan of Kingdom Hearts and retro cartoons, and this idea came to me. I created an original character that will team up with cartoon characters fighting enemies and bosses. I wanted to see how far I could go with this in Blender. The limitations bother me but I try to get as much as I can within those limitations. Heres a screen of characters I made.

Long live the BGE!!!


those characters are awesome. lol popeye

Heh… funny idea. Never saw so many crossovers in one place in my life. I doubt I ever will.

How long did it take you to make all those models? Are they all rigged?

You know who should be in there? Garfield.

man i remember swat cats that was such an awsome show those are some really great models i love how you have hong kong fooey and his cat too.

Thanks. I changed the Popeye design to the original black and white style.

Lol. Yeah you’ll never see such a crossover like this. As for Garfield I was thinking of including him in some of the non-combat levels along with other characters. But this project is pretty big as is. It took me about a month or two to complete all of them, and yes they are all rigged and most have some animations as well.

Thanks. Yeah Swat kats were awesome. I had to include spike to help HK Phooey.

I will post more media soon.

Whoa, you made all those?!! That’s crazy awesome! I’ve watched almost all of those cartoons a lot and you have all of the looks down pat. You should put in Johnny Quest, Underdog, and perhaps Mighty Mouse or “Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse.”

Edit: The only character I don’t like is the main character. I think you should make him look like a kid out of the 60’s, and make his tachnology look like it’s out of an old cartoon.

I did consider using Jonny Quest, Underdog and Mighty Mouse, but I wanted to start with a certain amount of characters first.

When I was designing the main character I was thinking what decade he should. Since the characters are from different time periods I wanted a something to be more “future” with a touch of 80’s style. In general he will go back in time to meet these characters.

Here are some screens. I will send a link of the wip gameplay video soon.


wow man , that is too distinguished , :slight_smile:
good luck :slight_smile: .

P.S. where is batman ? :frowning: … and the joker ?

You’re crazy!!! No, just kidding…
The problem is that instead of having two lawyers behind your back, you’ll
have two…hundred! :slight_smile:
Put Asterix too, please,…and Corto Maltese…and all Moebius characters, and … :slight_smile:
Great work!

@ toonhead2

man , why don’t you add pickachu and kirby and mario ?


You’re crazy!!! No, just kidding…
Put Asterix too…and Corto Maltese…and all Moebius characters, and … :slight_smile:
Great work!
you forgot to say bye :smiley: .

Very good! The models are well done!:smiley:

You know who else should be included? Dilbert.
Even if it did take two months, it’s incredible you were able to do all of those in any amount of time. Were you doing something like a model a day?

Wow, as close as I counted, there were about 50 characters there! I’m interested in seeing their rigs/animations. Keep up the awesome work!


Thanks guys for the compliments… and… requests.:slight_smile:

Lol thats a good one. I thought I was crazy too when I came up with this idea.

Batman is a possibility. “Pikachu, Kirby”, Mario" sounds like Super Smash Bros.:slight_smile:

I had fun with this project, but the limitations are getting to me. I’ve done a lot of optimizations trying to keep a smooth framerate and not compromise the way I wanted it to play. I’ll probably try to simplify things even further, then again I wanted to know how far I can get with this.

For the modeling I would do about three models a day, texturing and rigging another. Then I would make new models by creating them from previous ones. Some are that were to unique had to be done from scratch. I gave myself a polygon limit as well. All the models are under 900 polys.

Well here’s a youtube video link of the wip:

Thanks again.

wow that video is awesome- extremely impressive character movement and the scripted finish with the optional(?) group finishing move was just great looking

Wow… these characters look crazy good! I love the rhino, and popey. This might be a game i would accually play.

You know who else should be included?

Sonic maybe? =) You know the fast little blue guy -

Nice game by the way. It is one of those “must get” blender games of the year. :smiley:

toonhead2, you have doomed yourself to be subjected to dozens of people suggesting you add their favorite cartoon characters to the mix.

cough t-rex-from-dinosaur-comics cough

cough Fat Cats and PLEASE dont forget the most famous cat of all Felix, the first thing to be broadcast on TV. LOL.

Just fantastic!

Guys, this game is based on classic cartoons like the Hanna Barbera stuff and all those eighties cartoons like Thundercats, G.I. Joe, Transformers, etc. He has most of those that could be included.

By the way, the demo looks excellent.