My favorite car - Skoda Superb Combi

Hi there,

here’s my finished project - Skoda Superb Combi - my favorite car. I made a short animation with it, I’ve already posted in the Animation thread, but honestly, i did not get much response there, so I hope I can get some suggestions and tips here.

It’s rendered with Cycles, each frame is set to 500 samples and took about 3-6 minutes to render, little bit of post-pro done in Vegas.

Hope you like it.

as the skoda is superb combi, this is superb awesome. shaders are great, the gloss finish of the desk is very realistic. car model is brilliant! how did you tweaked the render settings in order to avoid noise?

Thank you dimebag! I set clamp and filter glossy to 0.5 and all bounces to max 8. I didn’t expect such a little amount of noise with 500 samples, Cycles is amazing…

That is awesome I agree with dimebug. Great work

excellent job.

Models like these inspire me very much :yes:

Awesome work, It is indeed a good looking vehicle! As far as tips go, I would add some transparency to the glass, you can’t really see into the car right now. If not the windows (as they may be tinted), at least the windshield. Good work :smiley:

Really, really good work overall. Just some arguable critique here: the lighting looks really good, but you made the front look kinda bland, at first I couldn’t tell if it was a good model or not… The other thing: did you make the rim/tire proportion, size and placement precisely? I’m not so sure Skoda offers rims so big and tires so thin… You might be right though, its just that it looks a bit weird to me… It could be the rim shader as well.

But anyways, nice job, and kudos for making an animation, and a really good one at that.

Some nice animation work!

A really nice model, looks spot on. (I drive one of these) I think that as the scale of the car to the lighting in the scene is hugely exaggerated, the highlights look a little large. But hey, it’s a hell of a lot better than anything i can do. Great work.

Thank you so much. guys!

2sdighe: Well, I wanted to add some transparency to glass but then people could see there’s no interior in the car. I’m horribly lazy person.

2Impreza09: You’re right, scene is bit dark, I really wanted to work just with reflections to achieve luxury-ish look. About rims, I tried to model them precisely according to some photos but you might have a point, they look kinda thin. Modelling isn’t my strong side.

2mrmonkah: The model has proportions of the real car, couple of meters and so. I tried to scale it down, according to proportions of desk, keyboard etc., but then the rigged suspension didn’t work very well.

Excellent work, love the animation!

I love the wireframe animation! Cool!