My favorite pictures

These are some of my favorite rendered pictures. Before you critic them, olease note that I’m probably not going to make any changes to them so don’t bother making suggestions about changes. Thx!:eyebrowlift:

“A candel lt dinner for two”
This one I just made one evening for fun.

“The battle for earth”
I made this one for my desktop background. One thing that I should point out is that the black ships are actualy quite small and I just made them bigger for the picture.

“Remote Race”
This image is my current background. It’s also going to be a movie if I ever decide to finish it.

“Your parents are Muffins!”
This picture is based on a book that a friend wrote.

There you go. Please critic!

the last one is mindless and yet amusing

sound like an interesting book. Is this it’s cover? Should be.

agreed the last one is pretty funny

i like the idea and perspective for the battle for earth,yet the muffin one is amusing!

Thanks. That’s how I wanted it to be.