My female model has animating issues. Rest and Post difference, Will cause issues if

Hi all,

I am having a few issues with a model ive imported from daz3d. I have tried several times with different export/import settings and seems to be deeply embedded within the animation perhaps.

I am using animations from DAZ3D to help generate facial expressions etc and I am using each frame to create a shape key, currently the difference in pose and rest is causing this not to work as expected…

I have done this several times already but something sus is going on this time around…

The fact that in Rest and Pose it appears to be scaled or taller.
the issue replicates itself if i turn off the modifier (armature) on the female mesh it also scales like clicking the rest button in the armature section

Can anyone please download my blend file and see if there is a easy solution,

MANY Thanks :slight_smile:

Rest Post (1.48 MB)

Reset scale in pose mode to reset the scale of the character. If you want it to become smaller instead just reset the scale and then scale the rig (and mesh, didn’t check if it was parented or not) and apply transforms.

That worked a treat,
I was sure I was trying this yesterday but everytime I was advancing a frame it would revert back…
I must have been trying it differently, none the less. it is working…


If it got smaller again after changing the frame it would mean the smaller scale was keyframed. You would either have to remove the scale keyframes in the dope sheet or reset the scale with auto key frame enabled (probably what happened).

Hi Cyaoeu,

Can you advise if there is a way to remove the scale for all bones in the dope sheet? or do i have to delete the ScaleX/Y/Z for each bone in the dope sheet?

I am thinking It might be more advisable if I create the characters with 0 scale in DAZ and import then scale down later