My file won't render, why? - Linux Pop! OS 19.1

It’s been well over 6 months since I used Blender. I know there’s been many changes and improvements. So chances are there is something new I am not aware of.

I would really appreciate it if someone would have a look at my file (in the next post) and see what’s the problem. It should be the fastest way.
I have nothing but a camera, a light, and a cube. I have tried Eevee and Cycles, CPU, and GPU. Either way it won’t render.

Thank you in advance guys!


The render flags?

rendering_problem02.blend (1.2 MB)
Screenshot from 2020-02-25 19-25-20

I just updated the file, I did not have a light as I had thought. So I added that, and removed many more objects that were hidden. Also removed all the keyframes I had before. But still not rendering.

I created a new file with just the cube and the light, and it does render.
Probably my file is not compatible with the newest Blender version ?

The original file had a Grease Pencil animation.

Hard to say, without seeing the original file, the file with the cube seems fine to me. You had simplyfiy and transparent film checked on, not sure how that works with grease pencil. There shouldn’t be any compatibility issues between versions, they just fixed a bug preventing to open files from 2002 properly.

Also, shame on you for not using Blender for 6 months :smiley: . Welcome back though.

What do you mean? It’s right on my previous post, right above the screenshot.

I know!!! I feel bad about it actually :frowning: Too many things happening at once. One of those times in life. But yeah, I am trying to muster the energy and enthusiasm to come back.

Well, thanks! :slight_smile:

That one is rendering just fine on my end, but that’s just a cube, sun and a camera right?

I just tried rendering again, and now it’s ok! Go figure!
I really don’t know what could have been.
Anyway! I guess I’ll just carry on (rolling eyes)

Thanks you. I appreciate your time though :slight_smile:


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The important thing is it’s working. I love when things are fixing themselves. :smiley: