My film won best under 18 at a local film festival!

My film, “Teenage Sith: The Masked Jedi”, won best under 18 at a local film festival last night.

This is kinda relevant as I used Blender to do some glowing titles.

Hey, congrats dude! I watched it some time ago and liked it! :stuck_out_tongue: So… Won any money? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never won anything :frowning:

well done - link to film please!

not enough people are using blender for mograph-style work, IMO.


It was actually the sequal to the one you would have seen. And yes, I won $500 which I have to give some to by brothers as they helped :frowning:

I’ll get the film online in a week or so, it’s HD and we’ve upgraded our internet so I’ll wait for that to come through before I upload it.

Hey, Nice job Justin

(it’s peter from the star wars fan film)

Cool, hi Pete :slight_smile:

Nice! Congrats.

Good that u gave the money to others as well, although i hope u kept a little for urself. Gotta buy something nice to celebrate. The best feeling however, is winning of course. :wink:

Of course I kept some/most for myself :slight_smile:

I plan on buying a bluetooth mouse for my laptop and a gamepad as well :smiley:

What, a mouse and gamepad?

I expect more of a Blender user. Why not buy, say, a nuclear detonator?

Then you can take over the world, banish Autodesk to Jupiter, and have everyone worship 3D sporks made in Blender.

And you can assign a team of scientists to create the Portal Cake:

One 18.25 ounce package chocolate cake mix.
One can prepared coconut pecan frosting.
3/4 cup vegetable oil.
Four large eggs.
One cup semi-sweet chocolate chips.
3/4 cups butter or margarine.
1 2/3 cups granulated sugar.
Two cups all purpose flower. (note, it says flower, not flour)

Don’t forget garnishes such as:

Fish shaped crackers.
Fish shaped candies.
Fish shaped solid waste.
Fish shaped dirt.
Fish shaped ethyl benzene.
Pull and peel licorice.
Fish shaped organic compounrs and sediment shaped sediment.
Candy coated peanut butter pieces. Shaped like fish.

One cup lemon juice.

Alpha resins.
Unsaturated polyester resin.
Fiberglass surface resins.
And volatile malted milk impoundments.

Nine large egg yolks.
Twelve medium geosynthetic membranes.
One cup granulated sugar.

An entry called ‘how to kill someone with your bare hands.’

Two cups rhubard, sliced.
2/3 cups granulated rhubarb.
One tablespoon all-purpose rhubarb.
One teaspoon grated orange rhubarb.
Three tablespoons rhubarb, on fire.
One cross borehole electro-magnetic imaging rhubarb.
Two tablespoons rhubarb juice.

Adjustable aluminum head positioner.
Slaughter electric injector.
Cordless electric needle injector.
Injector needle driver.
Injector needle gun.
Cranial caps.

And it contains proven presenatives, deep penetration agents, and gas and odor control chemicals.
That will deodorize and preserve putrid tissue.

Another thing you could do after taking over the world is buying Microsoft and forcing them to create their own FREE Linux distribution, and forcing Bill Gates to use it exclusively.

It will be so useful, so stable, and so easy to use, that poor Bill might have to be hospitalized.

Tynach, I loled.

I made the cake, I’m not sure what I did wrong but now everything looks green and I can’t taste anything anymore.

:RocknRoll: :yes: W00t! W00t! :yes: :RocknRoll:

I bought a wireless keyboard as well :slight_smile:

I managed to buy them (wireless keyboard and laser mouse) for $57 rather than the normal price of $80 because they mismarked it and gave it to me for $57 anyway. Lol, now I have a numpad for my laptop! No more pain stakingly switching views via the menu :smiley:

Good stuff Justin!

Was it Frys Electronics?

They’ve done that to me. Twice. I buy one thing, and they seem to give me the version twice as good for the same price. Happened while buying my hard-drive, and my monitor.

That’s why I keep going back, because I seem to have good luck.

That happened to me too at the supermarket . . . although I think the item was on special anyways.