my finished blender works...

hey … here are all my finished works in blender … its in chronological order, so i’m getting better with each work … :slight_smile:

alien concept

the RGB cube

A cell wall


Gaint broadsword of royal pain

Alien concept (bust)

Glasses (first yafaray) ![]( Red Dragon ![]( Welcome to Earth ![](

I’ll add more here … enjoy! :slight_smile:

I really like the aliens expression in “welcome to earth” :D. The other are very good aswell. How long have you been using blender?

Thanks axelh92! Its been about 2 and a half years now … but its only in the last 4 months that iv’e really kicked in and made loads of headway … Its a wonderful software! :smiley:

And here’s my latest… the design is based on a robot me and my friend once made … that one was a little sucky, made of wood, wire controlled and promptly stopped moving when we most needed it to …
( and it had no camera :stuck_out_tongue: ) … so, this is my vengeance, through blender … :smiley:

Lead Zeppelin 4

wow they look great.
that last image is giant, i had to zoom out alot: