My finnished Gyrocopter

This is my Gyrocopter all finnished from thanks to the website. The rendering, material settings and rigging where improvised from mike pan’s car and FAX’s tutorial.

Took me a very long time to finnish this seeing as I am in my last year of Highschool here in Australia and as most of us would know it’s very important. :eyebrowlift:

I am glad I got to get it finnished aswell. For me this is a first major mile stone in blender not only for the modelling but I noticed I had some experience in abit of lighting, rendering and compositing aswell.

I also decided to render it in some scenery aswell :slight_smile: The compositing was abit hectic seeing as I used tomato for ease of the background image. (Just to render a single frame)

One thing I noticed though is the left wing contrasting with the background is abit faulty for me.