My FiPo

Hello, my name is Tim and this is my first post, first project, first model, first Blender, linux and Gimp experience. I downloaded a bunch of tutorials and made my first model. It’s a spaceship.
It took me about 24 hours in total to get from start to finish (I had to figure out quite allot).
Textures refined in the Gimp, rendered using the Blender Raytrace Baker
.blend file

Getting the Raytrace Baker to work was a real pain in the ass, it took me about 6 hours to figure it ALL out -.-
It only seemst to work on closed meshes and non-adaptive rendering. I even had to cut some long faces to get the resolution right.

The banner was created using all Gimp features, I just tried every one of 'm and sticked with the ones I liked.

The texture was done really quick. Actually. Playing with the blender renderer took allmost all of my time. I especially like my nebulae :slight_smile:

Sincerely bash,

Hi…strange way to introduce yourself.

‘No’, you should not leave blender, you clearly have an aptitude for it, and an eye for what looks good. Another thing you shouldn’t be doing is asking people to decide for you, if you enjoy 3d work, then stick to it…for yourself…not for anyone else.

Very nice texture work. However, it would be nicer to see some more definite forms on this craft, such as a cockpit or an engine. Right now it is very hard to imagine this as a functional vehicle because of the details it lacks.

first of - welcome to blender.

once you got the basics of blender it just awesome how your models get beter and beter quicker and quicker. you may whan to try your hand 2 or 3 more time before desiding weather or not you want to quit blender. ask a blender groupies web site weather or not you should hang around may not be the oppertunity you looking for to get a truely balanced oppinion.

since this is posted under focus critice section i take it you want us you say some thing about your modling abilities

  • it seems to lack a font viewing window, obsivation deck. it 1 of thos thing that give your models a sence of size-small window(s) large ship, large window(s) small ship
  • although this may not apply to a space ship, normaly the nose is blanced to allow for beter airo dynamics

if you looking for some good reasorces on blneder and how it works try the official manuel

if you just want to show of your model try one of the other sections eg Finished progects or work in progress

but for your first model it ain’t bad at all, especially your textures they brilliant look forward to ssing more works

Thanks, I agree that it lacks definite forms, though the way it is textured isn’t the way to go forward, all for wings are using the same texture.
Is there a way to put a “decall” or what it is called on a few verts as a “window”?

I also have another question about polycounts: Is the polycount the amount of vertices or the amount of faces (a polygon)?
Maybe a rethorical question, but I’m not sure because “polycount” has probably nothing to do with vertices. Which is weird (in my head). Or am I overthinking the subject?

In the end I want to take “tristrips”, smoothgroups, faces that intersect into account for realtime rendering but first things first. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I found the tutorials.
If blender critics, groupies or whatev say my work lacks - I don’t really care -.- If I like blendering I’ll continue anyway.
I think critique is the way to go forward.
Reason for the poll is that I’m not continuing something that takes loads of time to get done and still looks like crap. Public opinion matters, but not THAT much :slight_smile:

I’m going to find myself something new to work on. Maybe an alien or something. Or maybe try NURBS.
I can’t think that far ahead, so maybe box-modelling is the thing for me. dunno yet.

About posting this as a finished project, this isn’t really a project.

You’re seeing the model backwards :wink:
It has engines, 4 of 'm :smiley:

If U feel like U can model and/or animate something in blender, just do it. Ur poll can’t improve Ur skills, but Ur practice can.

Get rid of the background, it’s too distracting. Repost with a neutral background color?