My First 3 Shots at Modeling

So I’ve never modeled anything before, but I’m pretty good at drawing and figured it would be pretty intuitive once I saw a video of Zbrush. turns out it’s extremely intuitive, so long as you’re sculpting.

after seeing zbrush, i looked back at blender (which i had heard about a few months back) and looked up videos on its sculpting tool.

all i needed to see was the sculpting interface (essentially “push n” lol), and otherwise they did a great job making it very clear to use.

so i went off to make this guy here:
and then added a bit to his second row of horns here:

I learned some important things. namely, when i was adding levels to his horns with the sculpture, I was getting jagged stretched polygons really fast, so i had to mess around with the interface until i found “subdivide.” so i was able to subdivide locally, around his nose and the horns to get a lot more detail in there.

after that, i wanted something totally different and worked to please my elven side:

and lastly, spent a while on this guy. his ear has been giving me a lot of grief, but he’s coming along slowly:

so there it is.

never modeled in my life, and within 2 days was able to make some pretty successful models. if that doesn’t define a great program, i don’t know what does…and i was able to learn a lot from just checking in on the helpful advice this forum provides.

i give blender 10/10, i <3

let me know what you guys think so far

I like the stylized head the most so far. I like to sketch and find the sculpting to be my favorite part of Blender.

Quick little tutorial:

There is a head tutorial on there. A full dvd by the same instructer is going to be released Sept 14. The tutorial is for Mudbox 2009 but he doesn’t use any special feature so you can follow along in Blender as well.

If you get into full body and extreme poses that should be helpful. He is a master digital sculptor.

Happy sculpting/blending!

thanks a lot bud. will look into both

If you think blender’s sculpting is fun, you should try zbrush’s :stuck_out_tongue:

That doesn’t define a great program, it defines a great artist.

However, I presume you have taken some art courses in the past and have a working knowable of sculpture and autonomy right?