My first 3D animation with Blender!

Hi guys!
Its amazing, I’m started to learn Blender 1.5 Month ago, and now i can do real cartoons!
Here is it:

What do you think? Any comments, advices suggestions …
Blender is mega super-puper cool!!

It IS Amazing! If you’ve managed to do this in a month and a half I can’t wait to see what will happen in a year and a half. Great job, amazing first movie!

WOW. that’s a hella impressive first animation!

Please tell me that you have had previous experience with other 3D and animation software :slight_smile:

Very nice. This has the quality of animations that can be seen in some children’s TV channels.

It’s awesome for the short time you work with Blender!
Have you previously had experience with other 3D programs?