My first 3d character animation

hi tere,
like I said this is my first 3d character animation,
That took me something like one day
with a incredible cool character of Daniel Martinez Lara witch is dam cool

and here this rendered file Here

Thanks To Daniel M. Lara otherwise I probably never try 3D character animation



Impressive work, especially for a first attempt.
The use of an animated GIf is cool too.


thanks man,
That’s right gif images rocks

I made a new one for the new year

On this animation I was more focus on the fluidity cause the first one was not enough.
so here I made few key frame and more graph editor even if I don’t know I really do^^
and I spend 3 hours to make a cloth simulation even after 3 hours the result was crap. so I use hooks onlyT_T.

You can get the rendered file Here

cheers and happy new year

lol right “my fist 3d character animation” … its like when ppl trolling cgtalk and type my first 3d-model, and wind up in the hall of fame…

seriously … it cant be the first character u ever animated … where are the other failed 293048 attempt …
u must have animated something before that even remotely resembled a character… or done some ugly animations that ended up in the recycle bin …

anyway… its great… :wink:

he probably means his first PUBLISHED animation.

and both are really good

I_agree. =)

.lol. not that it matter, but, i have seen a billion other forum posts, when ppl type “my first 3d-model” etc … and u can clearly see they have 20+years experience from the 3d-industry …and are a seasoned pro…

My first 3d-model was probably a cube, or torus… while others make a trillion polygon t-rex :slight_smile:

i have to let it go :wink:

thank you such much guys,

Actually like I said It was really my first 3D animation Character even my first attempt.
But what I didn’t mention is I use to make 2D animation, and I worked on the garfield serie for 4 month as a layout man on XSI, and made some blender project, so I know some basics,
But even before yesterday I didn’t knew what was the difference between IK and FK
Sorry guys:p

Anyway, this is my First lip sync made, in one day,straight away, just to try it.

This rig is from Andrew slike and I don’t really know to enjoy all the features

You can get the rendering file here
I don’t know why but during the rendering a black eye came out suddenly

I saved all the steps so If you think it can be useful I can make some gifs files or put the blend files online.

once again thank you guys:rolleyes:

edit: hte sonud extract is from eternal sunshine

Hello yoyo!

Really very impressive work you did and I appreciate third work because its looking so funny and I want to learn this one could you tell me the correct path for this 3D’s…

Hello yoyo!

Really very impressive work you did and I appreciate third work because its looking so funny and I want to learn this one could you tell me the correct path for this3D’s…

this isi DAMN COOL!!!

thanks Sean I’ll make a little tutorial soon promis
but now I working on a tiny project to see what I can do with 3D animation
Everything is still rough it’s just the begening

I made a quick snapshot of my process of working,
witch is works fine for me since now, I hope It can help someone

I use Red-neld cause he is my favorite charactere but, during this animation I discovered some the tiny problem with this rig, the creator Daniel M. lara said it’s not a final version, but I don’t care I like Red-neld

First this is the final Shot

So first there is the posing step
I work in block mode I think it’s better to see the timing of your animation,

I make only the key frames at this step, and I double my frames like below, to get the block effect:
I copy the frame I’ve made before and copy it just one frame before the next one,

second step the spline

here I’ve just move some of my keys:

The key I’ve used to get the block effect, I moved them to some frame below to see the movement, the number of the frame depend of how fast you want the action,

after There is a lot of work in the graph editor but, it take longer time to explain, So maybe later

I hope it help some of you guys

:slight_smile: สุดยอด Good

Do you use 2.5 blender? I want to lean about blocks but don’t know where to find theory. (

Too many animated gifs!
Why not get a vimeo account?> thank you, if I remeber corectly, Kap pun krap :stuck_out_tongue:

ne_mo-> The block step is pretty easy to do you just have to make the KEYFRAMES the frame who going to direct your animation I’ll give the fileHere.and I use blender 2.49. but The version of blender is not really important.

freen-> I like animated gif you see the text and the animation directly, take 2 min to do



Khaawp khoon Khrap or simply Khap. :yes:
ขอบ คุณ ครับ

p (when used at the end of the syllable otherwise a b)

Means basically… thank

k (yes another k)
oo (placed under the consonant)

Means… you

a (placed above the consonant)
p (when used at the end of the syllable otherwise a b)

Is simply a polite particle males use to end most sentences and statements. It is Ka for a female. คะ (ะ= a)

Thai lesson over.

Great animation dude! Shows what traditional skills can do applied to anything.

PS and I like the gifs too.

The third one is tremendously good work!..

3D Interior Architect Rendering

Richar-> ครับ
Harry-> thank you ^^
I keep going with my little project.
But I begin to get some trouble, but I stil have to learn the body mechanics in 3D

Love this stuff. Keep it coming!