My first 3D character model (Strange Artifacts)

Hello Everyone,

I created my first 3D model and i have also sculpted a bit and baked the the normal maps and applied to the model but i find some strange artifacts (marked in red) currently it is object type of normal space however i first tried the tangent but it turned out with the same result i think its because of normal maps can some one please help me out to resolve this i am stuck here below is the the character model

And also if possible please suggest me some quality character texturing tutorials where i can start out with.

Thanks in advance guys

It might be due to the way you baked your normals. If you are doing object to object baking of normals, then you need to have a high level of subdivision on your target mesh during the bake to prevent artefacts. Baking normals between objects creates a map of the relative difference in the normal vectors between the two surfaces, and so if the target mesh is faceted, this will be reflected in the normal map.

Hope that helps.

thanks ben i’ll try that one and get back

hello ben i increased the subsurf level and baked them but this time i used tangent normal space but it didn’t work out here is the image link and i have attached my texture settings and texture mapping settings is there any other way around to sort this out.

Thanks again