My first 3D head

Its a self portrait. I look like a drug dealer, so I’m probably going to make myself a drug dealer in my upcoming independent game project. I’m a programmer so I’m just trying to be able to produce all of my own art for a game (already got a solid engine).
I feel I did the front pretty good (skipped the nostrils). After that I kinda didn’t know what to do with the rest of the head. The neck I was just like …I guess I will extrude everything else. Texture not complete.

it’s looking pretty good
it seems a bit dark - don’t know it that’s your lighting or your texture
and the topology around the mouth and nose looks a bit wrong

you need edgeloops
check out the adrianna face modeling video tute it awesome

I hope you make heaps of money as a drug dealer :wink:

Thanks, I think I’ve seen this one briefly before. I’ll check it a bit later. Yea the texture isnt fully bright, so the lighting is making it look really dark.

Actually I cant find the link to it. It takes me to the main page with like a ton of news articles.

You can find the Adrianna tutorial at Montage Studios. Modeling the Female Face.