My first 3D Marble Track Animation

This is my first try at animating something and I would like some feedback on this.

This is a view of the entire track.

Very cool. How was this done?

I made this in Blender 2.57

Platforms: I made low poly boxes and shapes. When I liked the positioning, I added a subdivision surface

Marble: I used two meta balls and when they joined together in the animation, I moved the second metaball out of the view in 1 frame.

Camera: I moved it around and focused on the ball

Textures: I created a bunch of colored sphere maps which I set as a reflection texture in the textures tab.

Animation: I’m new to animating in Blender so I don’t know how to use things like IPO Curves and IK. As a result, I did things completely through keyframes.

This is something I was working on to try and make a spring that could spring and stuff. . .