My first 3D work ever!

Okey, this is a space ship… for one person, has a cool gun infront, two engines on sides… and it’s very old… that’s why it’s a bit rusted and scretched…(from all the battles, etc) :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my 3rd day with blender and after doing about… 10+ tutorials I created this. It took me about 5+ hours to do this, 30+ minutes of which were spent on looking for textures and I still didn’t find the right ones… so I’ll see what I can do… maybe create my own on photoshop… :expressionless:

My biggest problem is creating top, the cabbin for the pilot… I tried but it comes out so ugly… any suggestions? I can send source file for anyone who wants…

So… critisize me, give comments and suggestions… :wink:



Fist time… thats pretty sweet …

keep it up… cus it only gets more fun as you learn more 8)

Not bad at all! :slight_smile:

Keep it up! add details!


thumbs up!
my first never looked that good.


Excellent first work, I had to admit I’m very impressed with the development of a background and platform for your ship. Most of us newbies (myself included) would have opted for the simple space background. :wink:

Nice work!


You’re lying. I’m willing to wager that your first 3D work was a cube with no lights. As for this one, not too shabby! Has textures, a background and everything. :wink: Oh, and welcome!

I like the angular look so I say keep it up with the cockpit. A little more definition on the gun would be nice. (is it a gatlin or laser?) Looks awesome, the hangar fits nicely

Thx for good comments guys :stuck_out_tongue:

The gun is… well I don’t know how it calls BUT, have you ever watched a movie called Predator? Remember one of the dudes on the team had a huge gun that works just like the “saw” gun? It’s like a machine gun. In new version I actually added a tape with bullets on the side :smiley: It’s hard to see it from far but I’ll make few renders close to it soon.

(“You’re lying. I’m willing to wager that your first 3D work was a cube with no lights.”) —> Lol, so true, so true. Actually my first had lights… when you make new file it starts with cube and lights. :wink:

:EDIT: Here’s the gun: Crazy one, isn’t it? :slight_smile: