My First Abandonment (now with stupid UFO animation!)

This started out as me fooling around with the toon shaders. Now I am quite happy with it for the most part. I’m not really sure what else to do with it, so I guess its done.
Hope you like it.

Not bad.

Very artistic. I like it.

But there seems to be some compression problems, the sky colours are all blotchy. :frowning:

The main thing that needs to be improved is the tent. It looks strange. :expressionless:

BTW what is the blue thing on the tent?

Love the people. :wink: Reminds me somewhat of aboriginal drawings.

how to create this effect?

Very artistic Corsica_S, I agree with Redbyte.

Also, I love your rust-red clouds around the mountains, you’ve captured the atmosphere of dusk very well IMHO, nicely done.

Thanks everyone.
Redbyte: The tent is modeled more or less after my tent which has a seperate rain fly, so it might look a bit like it is floating, and I tried to make it look like there are tent stakes pulling on the corners and such. The blue thing on the side is supposed to be a window.
4go10soul: Basically everything is set to toon shader. The sun has a high emit value which helps cast the light. I also have a regular lamp set to sphere and ray shadow which created most of the contrast for the lighting. The ground has a color ramp.
Radishimo: The clouds were a bit of an accident. for the sky I applied a texture with some colors that went from orange to dark blue. Then I added some mist, and I guess that takes on the texture of the sky also, the lower right corner of the the texture is particularly orange, which I think caused the mountain to peirce the cloud.
Thanks again.

Wonderful images, congratulations, I like very much!!!

I think your pic looks great. Is that a T.V. in the tent, thats what it sort of looks like to me. I think it would be sort of funny if you made an animation of a ufo zooming by and shooting at the people, I have a strange since of humor. I love the picture, it has a lot of feeling in it. I would send it to my girlfriend if I had one.
Keep up the awsome work :smiley:

Lucky for you, I have a strange sense of humor too. My original idea was to have UFO in there, but though that was silly. Anyway here is my first attempt at animation, so it is very poor.

lol wasn’t expecting that to happen! I think it works well as a still picture though, great composition of landscape.

Lol! That animations so cool! Great use of toon shading too, as said before.