My first anim...

here is my first animation, I tried fiber script, armatures…
that’s not perfect but I’m very happy to be able to do that !.. [518 Ko, Xvid]
The character is the one which I had seen in Moby “clip”

tonyo (french boy !)

It’s cool, but I think it would be better if you had him walking away from something he’s scared of, such as a monster or whatever, because right now he’s looking pretty freaked out :p.

Thats good man, especially for your first animation!

One crit, bend those knees! He kind of looks like he’s sliding.

good job

thanks for the crits !

in fact, I know there are a lot of little problems but I want to work on something else, but maybe I’ll work on it again in few months in order to make it perfect !! :stuck_out_tongue: