My first animated music video.

I made this animated music video for a competition for a great virtual world called Onverse. I had a tight deadline of just 2 months but I wanted time to tell people about it so I finished it in just over 1 month. It was made using blender cycles, and because I don’t have a super great computer the samples was only set to 50. His is also the first ever animated video made for this virtual world. I need votes for this video in order to win so it would be awesome if you could watch the video and vote for it since I worked so hard on it!
EDIT: I came in second which is good, though mine was still better than the first place video.


Also, tell me what you thought about it!

So what are people thinking of it? Is it good?

I like the style. The beginning credits are a little misleading though.

Was it your intention to make the character/singer’s movements slowed down?

I think the most successful parts of the video are the guitar playing, reflections on the hat and the style of the character.

Aspects you should pay attention to: the part where the singer is moving his arms up and down, his arms are going through his head… the ending where he is walking off to the left. It looks like he is moon-walking. I would also try and add another movement to the whole thing. Since you have another month, I think you could pull it off :eyebrowlift:. I think it will help a lot.

You got a month to go, and the bulk out of the way try and tweak and fine tune!

Good luck, I hope that this helps you.

…okay just watched clips of all the other entries and I can say with certainty that you should win by virtue that you actually animated the mouth. What in tarnation is this oneverse thing?

Thanks for the feedback. I will keep it in mind for my second one. I ended up getting second place, but if it was a contest where the best video wins, I am sure I would have been first.