My first animation (Bouncing Ball)

Hello Blender artists,

This is my first time using Blender, as well as my first time doing computer graphics and 3D animation.
After some classes on Computer Animation (in my Master degree on Multimedia) I decided to give a try on 3d animation (I only have experience in traditional animation).
Here’s the link to the video:

I would appreciate to read some your opinions and comments on this animation so that I can improve my work.

(I already noticed some bad things like after the second rebound, the ball is not stretching before it hits the ground and the movement gets a little strange. Because the rendering was too long, like 20 hours, I decided to leave it that way)

Thanks for your attention

Best regards,

Filipe Baptista

The animation is fairly nice, but you could improve your timing. When the ball slides on the slide, the speed should be increasing rapidly. It seems like it was constant. The rotation at the end is also faster than the movement of the ball so the ball slides (in a very low speed) - this looks weird.

The ball is too slow down the chute, then is too fast (moving maybe half a meter between bounces… completely out of the frame). After the second bounce, the ball inexplicable loses all it’s momentum, and slowly rolls (with a lot of sliding) to the light switch.

Ball should lose very little lateral speed while bouncing. It will not start to slow down until it is rolling on the surface. The ball has way too much stretch. Any ball that soft would not be able to turn a switch off, the ball would simply deform when it hit the switch.

Also: you put stretch on a ball before it hits the ground to show it is moving very fast in the down direction. your ball isn’t moving fast enough downward to warrent any stretch before contact. Try this with just squash on contact, and some stretch as it lifts off the ground (physical stretch from ball rebounding from squash, not a motion blur stretch like pre-contact stretch.)

In Blender you can do an Open GL render of your animation very quickly (button on the 3D viewport header) to check things before committing to a long blender internal or cycles render in color.

Very nice constructive comments. Thank you for your tips and help, guys, from the quick render tip to how the ball should react considering its characteristics (definetly the ball shouldn’t stretch that much or it will seem too much soft and I should improve the timing and speed along the way…I think I should have studied a reall ball or analyze better the relationship between the ball physical aspects and the movement it produces).
I will take these tips to make an improve.
Thank you