My first animation "ESPERANÇA" (Hope)

Hi everyone,

This is my first blender animation, i’ve been working on this on last 3 months.

The story is about the only way to change our world: HOPE.

I am from Brazil, and because of this all the words are in portuguese.

The words in red means: prejudice, racism, hatred, violence, ingratitude, hunger, selfishness and misery.

The word in white means HOPE.

Hope u enjoy.

And please, give me your opinion about anything you want.


That was pretty good. Just a few things:

What was the white stuff that came out of him and what did it do?

The clothes were a little too bouncy.

Whenever he started to stand up from the ground, he pushed himself up rather easily…

Other than that, I loved the character animation, The video itself was great. Good job!

Over all the video, visuals and sound were nicely placed together. However, there are a few things that I found were a bit confusing.

  1. Although it was at night, you weren’t able to see the character until he had the illuminated objects in his hand. Increase the brightness of the lamps a little bit more to really create that dreary look.
  2. It would really send a message to the viewers, if you actually had some examples of some of the things like hunger and hatred shown in the video.

wow that was really good for a first animation, i want to see more from u

Hey dude, thanks a lot for your critique, i promisse that on next video i will improve all you told me.

That white stuff that came out of him is like all Lights he have inside, its just like a part of his soul. It happend because feelings like racism, hatred, hunger, can make us less strong enough to keep yourselves alive, but if we believe in HOPE, we dont have to be afraid, because it wont will weaken us.

WOOOWW, that’s an amazing video, for a first animation. Congratulations man !

Amazing for the first animation! Keep it up!

Very nice work. Why were the clothes moving around so much? Was it part of the story to indicate that there was something hidden away?

Cool work with the particle systems!
I couldn’t help but wonder what’s so good about hope? What are we hoping for? How does it change the world?

Hi quacky, Thanks for your opinion about particle sistem :slight_smile:

My inspiration for this animation was a recent event that happened in Brazil. A boy armed with machine guns came into a school on Rio de Janeiro and began to shoot scores of innocent children who were not guilty of anything, just have been the target of a serial killer who wanted to boast to be able to kill as many children as possible. The school was terrified, many children died and hundreds were injured. The Killer after this killed himself too.

Some time for when the injured children had recovered thenselves, a newspaper ran an interview with each of them about the day of the massacre. One of them caught my attention when he said that was only saved because he prayed a lot. When the killer came to him, the only thing he did was pray, and the murderer gave him shots in the leg and shoulder, but did not kill the boy. The reporter asked how would the boy’s life from that point forward, and he said: “No matter how people try to take my will to live, no matter how many shots I take or how many people try to take my chance to live, if I have HOPE, none of this will affect myself”.

So this was my inspiration dude, my desire is that many people arround the world see this video but not to know about my abilities on blender, but to realize that we still have hope.

Thank you for telling that story. It’s sad - I’ve heard many stories similar to it. What would make a person want to slaughter a bunch of people and then kill himself is beyond me.
Even if we have hope, we’re still going to die eventually. What then?

Do u believe in GOD? He is the only one that can gives us a better way to live, because if we trust on Him, one day will be no more sadness, no more hatred, and no more death.

Yes I do! I was wondering if you were a Christian or not, so I took a kind of roundabout way of asking.

Yeah dude, i am christian, i am Seventh Adventist day, and i think i should use my talents to try improove my world. :slight_smile:

Hey Paolo, where are u from? Brasil?

I haven’t seen it yet, I’m at work…but I’m curious!

Best regards!

yes dude, i am Brazilian. I don’t know about other countries, but in Brazil, people dont know blender, just a few guys like me:)

Very nice first animation, very inspiring and nice music.

keep it up

your video is blocked in germany (other european countries…?)
the comment (translatet from german):
Sorry, content music from SME and this is not allowed from
the german GEMA for publication …

Nice to know. I should follow your example and make something other than giant fireballs. :evilgrin:
Anyway, keep up the good work. The best art always has a meaning.

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