My first animation - Football

This is my first animation. Im just learning. Tell my what should i change:P i want to be better and better in animations:D

Well it sucks. Yes, my harsh remarks is to discourage you to attempt character animation at this moment. Obviously you know how to use Blender for animation, but that doesn’t mean you can animate.

I have some constructive advise though:

  1. Read upon the 12 principles of animation. The most important are timing and spacing. There are tons of resources on the internet. Maybe look for it in youtube or at (he has some great free tutorials).
  2. Download the character animation for Blender DVD
  3. Begin simple. Begin only with a ball. It’s very very important you do only this. Watch the animation mentor webinar:
  4. The most important thing after timing and spacing are breakdowns. Please, don’t let the computer do the inbetweening for you. 100% of all situations it will mess it up for you. Learn about breakdowns.

In anyway. Work only with the ball. Try some realistic falling and rolling ball scenarios just to get the feeling of timing and spacing and how it looks like in the graph. After you mastered that, do character animation with a ball (like animation mentor suggest). It seems like a boring thing to do, but you can give a ball a lot of ‘life’. Heck! Even in the old cartoons they could give a flea a lot of life and make it interesting, and it was only a black dot.

THX a lot it helped me

Your animation is not the best, unfortunately. I recommend you to follow some tutorials from KeithLango among others.

The blender site has really good tutorials as well.

I do not recommned you to go for any free material from Animation mentor, since most of those videos or Webinars make you waste your time, talking to much about who they are, what school did they attend to, what year did they work for Pixar, etc etc etc etc, lots of BLA bla bla for minutes. The same with their free PDF documents, it is mostly advertisement to make you enroll in an online animation school for $16.000.

There are lot’s of straight forward tutorials and PDF books that really explain you lots of animation. If you are interested, let me know, I will forward you at least couple of good books.