My First Animation in all of its Dodgy Glory.

Just “finished” my first animation. Could use more work and be much better, but I’m sick of it now. Got a couple of newbie projects out of the way with it: The chess board and a “dragon”. Just a quick note, the continuity isn’t very good. I think I possibly bit off more than I could chew.

Watch it here

Very good - liked the characters!

Awesome for a first animation. Good job.
I would suggest changing the background behind the characters when you cut to them so it isn’t exactly the same. That was a little confusing.

I liked it. The cow monster’s walkcycle wasn’t quite right but I really liked the idea behind the animation itself.

yeah, the monster who in my mind was a pig didn’t have feet bones so I couldn’t really make him walk properly. He just had thigh bones and calf bones. By the time I realised, I was too far in and sick of it. I just wanted to get it done with. As for the background, yeah, maybe it was a tad too symmetrical.

I know its cheesy, but I have to ask, did you rig all your own characters ? :smiley:

yeah, the jitter/ cut is usually what happens when you have 2 keyframes too close together
(grabbing them in the ipo curve editor using the Kkey helps out tremendously with this though)

how long did it take you?
and was it for “fun”, or for a class project?
it looks respectable - the length/ concept were good !

Yeah, all rigged, modeled and textured by me. A lot of first times doing things in it. The UV unwrapping / texturing was particularly awful. Took me about two-three weeks off and on. Not for a class, just trying to do something constructive with my free time. Took about another three days to render (during sleep time) cause my computer isn’t very fast.

Thank you everyone for the positive feedback and constructive criticism.