My first animation(walkcycle)

I have finaly made my first animation. And i am using one of wayne’s characters pantin.

And here it is:

A litle to blury i think :smiley:

Not bad for a first go at it. There are some stiff places like in the left arm but overall at least it is a good start.

You can smooth things out two ways:

Use less key frames and animate in larger curves, starting with your start and end points and putting minimal frames in between.

Use the IPO editor to smooth out curves.

Keep going!


I did’t think about that, thanks for the response!


now i have give it a new try here, se how it looks:

now it is another character and a new movement, a dance.
(you are sopoused to play nemo by nightwish but i did’t get it together)

Cool, keep playing with it. You are making some progress. There are things to tweak but if you feel the urge to keep at it, just do it.

Have you done any tutorials on the basics of animation? How far are you planning to take animating?

well i planing to learn animation as good as i can. My dream is to make a movie of some sort in the future, but i will start from the begining and look forward to learn more tricks and stuff for animation purpouses. Yes i have looked for some animation tutorials but if you have any suggestion for a tutorial then i would be glad to look at it, but my economy is very low so i can’t by any training DVD’s.

I am prity good att modelling and setting upp scenes, I have the baisics in game engine and python programing and now its time to learn animation.

And if you ask about rigging then i don’t know what a good rig is look like befor i have tested it out in an animation so i yust wait with that for a while.

I have tryed the grafeditor, but for some reason the curves is not shown in the editor, I wonder if the NLA editor could prevent it from happening? or what else would case the problem?

Hard to say. But the manual is free.

Animation intro:

Here on Curves:

One tutorial:

Basically you can learn a bit here:

It is good to practice the basics of animation. Remember to keep it simple. Not to many keyframes.

sorry it was my fault, i forgot to switch from object to pose in IPO type options