My first animation with a story

So I have taken the model I built previously from following a tutorial and I’ve taken what I’ve learnt regarding animation from it and various sources and applied it all to my own project.

This is my first animation since Uni, that’s actually had a story to it, however basic that story is.
As I’m sure you can tell all the animation is keyframed. There is plenty of things that are flat out bad, and there are a lot of thing that could be improved. I also think there is a lot I got right too.

I’m please with the result, I’ve had fun and I’ve learnt a few things I didn’t know at the start of the project.

So over all I’m happy. I hope you like it, and don’t think you have just wasted 13 seconds of your life watching it :slight_smile:

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Seeing him walking at the beginning I thought for a second “Oh ok, wait, is this just a walk cycle?” But then the ball came and it was a pretty silly outcome. It’s cute (I hope you don’t mind me using that word).

The animation part is the best … but Blender always makes you do a little of everything :wink: I would suggest maybe some camera stuff so that we can see him move through space. A camera that tracks him perfectly gives the illusion of a stationary walk.

Keyframe animation is a lot of work. Thanks for sharing the fun result.

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Thank you for taking the time to view and comment.
Of course I don’t mind you using the word cute.

The camera tracks him perfectly and creates the illusion of a stationary walk because that is exactly what is happening.

The camera is static and the robot is walking on the spot. The ball is animated sliding towards him.

I did a walk cycle for my original animation, but it didn’t come out that good. You are reminding me to get back to work on it. I think you were better at focusing on the essentials for a good animation, which is the character and the animation itself, and at least some story. Just curious what you would think to do next, like would you go to sounds, music, camera work, lighting, background objects, title … which one first?

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If I was to carry on working on this animation.

I would like to add

  • Basic Sounds, Foot steps, ball hitting him etc. Maybe back ground music That is something I have never done before. Even when I studied “3d Entertainment” at Uni

  • Back ground objects/Place the robot in an actual scene rather than just . Thinking some thing sci-fi esq.

  • Lighting. Improve the lighting its just a basic 3 light step up, with one red and one blue. Idea was just to add some interest to the basic scene.

  • Not to sure on animated camera. For a scene like this I think it would be to much, and not add anything.

If/When I do another animation. I would like to do the above, with the addition.

  • Different cuts. multiple cameras.
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Yeah, good call. I thought about people’s expectations with animation … and sounds was important. You can show people an animation and they say “Turn up the sound!” :blush: Then you say, “I ain’t got no sounds yet” :angry:

Then you end up adding subtitles (done in cut scenes of course) and playing the piano for them just like them old black and white films at the beginning of the motion picture era. :musical_note:

And then you’ve got a great segue into enlightening your captive audience about the magic of the early film era…

BTW: I think you may be right about the camera (I would probably overdo it for a scene like this). All you need is a camera to capture the action and not be obtrusive.

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Regarding other people’s expectations.
Simply put, I pay them no heed.

I’m never going to make money out of the stuff I do. So the only “customer” I have is me.
So as long as I’m happy that’s all really concerns me.

Don’t get me wrong. I get a buzz when people like what I do, and I enjoy talking about it too, I wish more people would comment and leave constructive criticism
Helps you come up with ideas I might not of had on my own.