My first animation

This is my first animation (wip, obviously):


C&C are welcome


PS: does anybody knows if the channel distF for the camera ipo works? I cannot use it. It seems not working

looks great for a first animation, i think the change over from the picture in the paper to the desert scene would look nicer if it faded over with out motion once fully into the scene then start the motion , the other fade into the map looks good tho. The dog on front of bike and the clothing flapping on the back mad me chuckle.

I like the pace and the style you’ve put into this animation. There are some little things that can (and I’m sure will) be improved. A couple that jump out at me are the clothes fluttering off of the bike. They’re too stiff. Maybe you could make some shape keys to flutter with the rotation of the clothes (just copy the rotation curves for the clothes and paste them into a shape key, hopefully this makes sense). Also, some of the particle effects didn’t look right. Especially one toward the end when he is supposed to be driving at an angle, but the particles are going straight back away from the camera. Let’s see. I would like to see more of a shadow from the cow skull at the beginning. Like Hazza said, I agree it would be a better transition if the picture faded into the exact scene then started moving. I would like to see more dust coming off the wheels, and more dense istead of the little puffs there are now. It would be cool to make the fur of the dog waive in the wind, and be thicker.

Anyway, I still love it the way it is, you have great style. These are some things I think could take it to another level. Good luck, and keep us updated.

Thanks for your comments. You’re right. The fading from newspaper to the rest of the movie isn’t right. The clothings don’t move well. There are a lot of details to be improved. Thank for the time you spent for me.
x-vid, 30mb, 2min
Hope you enjoy

I loved it man! The idea was just great! And the character with his moped … marvelous.

However, about the newspaper again, when it is zoomed in. I would try to rotate the paper so that it is aligned to the camera a lot before it has finished zooming/moving.

Because right now the motion doesn’t feel human.
I get the feeling that a human motion (in this case at the least) strives towards a symmetrical movement of the hands, and therefore you’d move the left hand closer to yourself (the camera) so that it aligns with the right one (and therefore rotating the newspaper so that it faces you) before starting to move it towards yourself. Not sure though, but it feels weird.
If you’re moving the camera closer to the paper you could just switch it around and move the paper (with hands) towards the camera.

Apart from that my only crits are that the dessert could use some more detail, like hills and such (nothing fancy, but this makes the horizon look weird) and that the particles are a bit halo-like.

[Edit] Oh and the fireplace is overexposed, but I’m sure you got that already :wink:

Don’t take this the wrong way though, this must be the best first animation I’ve seen so far. I just love it, keep up the good work.

Hey that’s a pretty good animation. (looks “tall” to me width-x-height seems wrong)

That newspaper transition could be accomplished fairly easy.

The newspaper mesh can have a square set as another texture, which would be an actual AVI movie file. Zoom the camera in on that. Then in your video editor, you can match up the exact color scene, then cross-fade it.

@MrMuscly abd @Sping
What you are observing is right! The mistakes you noticed are true :frowning:
But I’m really really tired. My next animation will be better (I modeled the man one year ago, when I started using Blender). But your criticism are precious in order to achieve better results in the future!
Thanks a lot for the time spent. :smiley: