my first animation

this is my first post on any of the forums
my first little animation is sort of a cube puzzle
watch it here

please tell me what you think

Pretty cool, but get rid of the blue background!
You can edit .B.blend so it doesn’t show up anymore, I think.

Pretty neat. My only gripe would be the lighting - it’s kinda dark. And the default blue background is disconcerting for a Blender user to look at. :confused:

Good idea and animation… but the light is so dark…

How do you get rid of the blue background? I’ve been trying to figure that out.

And how do you get another background in there?

BTW. The cube puzzle is pretty neat.

World Settings (F8 KEY) - buttons window (change the HoR, HoG, HoB stuff) :smiley:
for a new background : (if its an image or something) - go to textures (F5 KEY) , world , and add new —> image (then go to whatever image you want as a bg

Thanks AM.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to hijack this thread I just thought it would be good to ask here since it was already suggested to get rid of the blue background.

like everyone else, good idea, bad lighting, bad background. but this is about the animation. It’s pretty good flow, no qualms there, but at the end the top left cube kinda jerks in and out. Good idea and execution though :smiley:

Awesome animation. But I would change the background. I think the blender devs but that ugly background as default as a way of telling the noobs apart from the more experienced users… Not saying everyone who uses a blue background is a noob. Just saying that it’s usually a good idea to change it unless it just fits perfectly with your image or animation. Nice work for your first.

There are very slight adjustments to the movement of the cubes that might help it come out much more smoothly.

When a cube starts to move forward, let it “ease-in and ease-out.” Then, just as it is easing to a stop, it starts to ease-in to its rotation. Similarly, when it is easing-out of the rotation, it’s easing-in to its next move. If the object needs to travel some distance before it starts to move back in, it can start that motion while rotating.

Also think about “the beat.” Let the various motions establish a certain rhythm, which may or may not be accompanied by any sort of sound-track. The movements go “from mark to mark.”