MY first Animation

Well, just another noob here, I have been working with blender for a few months now and wanted to post my first attempt at animation here. Although Im done working on it and moving onto other things the project is rough and unpolished, so I don’t consider it finished, thus I’m posting it here.

The video is intended as parady, However I don’t belive anyone who doesn’t play the game Planetside will find it particularly funny.

The character models and texture are NOT my own, I ripped them from their respective games and modified them to fit my needs. I wanted to focus on learning the animation aspect rather then attempting to create textures that are well beyond me ATM or modeling characters that would take me a very long time to create.

As i already mentioned this is my first attempt at animation, and only my second Blender project. I have some past experience with map editors but none with this type of modeling software untill I picked up blender a few months ago.

I’m open to any constructive criticism, I realize this isn’t anywhere near the quality of what some of the true artist here are capable of and I would be very interested in any pointers you may have for any future projects I do.

My first project, didn’t have any concern for poly count and went nuts, lol.

As I tend to do, I did what I thought the hardest part of the project would be first, the enigne, This was before I learned about the sculpt tool… still hurts thinking about it…

A variant of the same model…

My third project (and still working on it) , I wanted to try my hand at modeling a game ready model derived the the concept drawing of some oneelse. (original drawing - )

Model -

i like it :slight_smile:

This is a very good animation!!! Especially for someone’s first try!!! I am impressed! If this is your first try, imagine what you can do later on…(that is if you improve at this rate)

I like the ATV, and the ATV with tank tracks, i thought it was a rather nice improvement to the ATV :p, and the tank is very nicely done.

Thank you both natholas and DDD, appreciate your kind words, I think its safe to say I’m hooked on blender. I am thoroughly enjoying learning everything, I feel like a kid in a candy store. I think I’m going to take a break from animating, I did enjoy it but I think its important to get a firm grasp on other aspects of blender before animating again.

I’m currently looking at low poly game model creation and just watched my first tutorial on baking, although there’s a lot about the process that wasn’t made clear, if anyone has any links to some good tutorials on the subject it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, judging from my work thus far, any suggestions on what I should focus on learning next would also be great.

Thanks again guys. :slight_smile:

blender cookie put up some great tutorials on baking normal maps and ambient occlusions recently