My first attemp with a starship "finished"


This is my first sci fi model.
It has no texture at the moment.
What do you think about it?


Great looking model. No crits from me. I’m looking forward to an update.:smiley:


I like it! It almost looks like if it were a little shorter it could be an X-302 or death glider…

added some texture


:open_mouth: ! Wow i havn’t even seen these yet! Niiiiiice! :smiley:

Should look great in Battalion :wink:

Great modelling, great texturing, great lighting! All you need now is a great scene to drop this baby into! :smiley:

As has been stated, looking forward to updages!

last upgrade before the final version.
what do you think?


That looks great. Cant wait to see it in the game!!:slight_smile: Have you come up with a name for the ship yet??