My first attempt at a finalised game model for UDK

Just wanted to see if the blender community thinks my models will be a decent enough quality in a game. This one is just a simple shield. It will be one of the first and least intricate.

It’s 377 polygons, with a simple UV textures, bump maps and spec maps

Any criticizing is very much appreciated. I’ll try to post a shot of it once I import it into UDK.

First i thought it was a cookie :wink: :wink: :wink:
But yes it is quite good except i don’t think that the texture fits perfectly to a shield

Now I want a cookie! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I’ll name it the cookie shield!

Yeah I was having some trouble deciding on the texture. I was trying of a cheap dime a dozen leather shield feel since it will just be a starter shield for players.

Hello! Nice to see another blender user getting into UDK I myself am trying to use it too but haven’t done anything yet though… Now to comment on your shield which looks really awesome except for the fact that it looks like a yummy tasty slimey biscuit =3 Please don’t make me hungry! Anyway for a critique I’d say if you would want the shield to look better add a more detailed texture possibly even scratches and a symbol of some kind on it. Also the texture you used repeats a lot something like these would look good:

Adding detail to the shield like those would really help. Also checking these out will also give you some ideas…

Good luck with UDK :wink: