My first attempt at cars (more to come)

(bg3D) #1
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I’m going to put it on my bro’s 19th birthday card.
I started this Yugo months ago, got stuck after tracing the profiles and starting to model,
came back, started a new car, got stuck on it, and started facing the Yugo. :slight_smile:
Much like alot of Blender stories, eh?
rixtr: I’ll catch up to you someday!

(wiseman303) #2

Great car man!

Love the crome :slight_smile:

(snailrose) #3

hell yeah that rocks
it has a cool look…

(bogbean) #4

Looks good - nice gold effect.

Although the reflections on the side at the front and back look a bit zig-zaggy - like the car has got a few dents… is this a reflection on your brother’s driving? :wink:

(bg3D) #5

I have no clue what is goin on with that reflection on the front. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the replies. Snailrose, before you posted,
I just wanted to let you know that your snail and rose are on my desktop.
Where’s rix?! I’m callin that fool out! :smiley: 8)
Btw, my bro lost his car the day after he got a license.
It was stolen by gangstas. Eh…who cares?!
He’ll have a Yugo for his bday!

(vosa) #6

nice, i like it too

(LohnS) #7

Woo! turned out great bg3D!!!

(bg3D) #8

here’s how the card came out.


(rixtr66) #9

hmmm,yugo, pic
wouldnt have thunk it :o


(bg3D) #10

Thanks rix (he must be so jealous) :wink:

(Avatar) #11

It is a great pic
could i have the .blend file??(pleazze???)
[email protected]