My First Attempt at Character animation

It sucks but i tried it was my first try. I wont be making any changes.

EDIT: fixed the link

EDIT2:fixed hosting

Link doesn’t work.

dont know but visit this and go to animations page

hint: take the space out of the file name.

ARG! @#%*& FREEWEBS! :<

4.7 k/s! I suggest using this great hosting site. THere is no way that I will download that.

god! im with r2 here. and its only 39 seconds!

thanks r2 i agree free webs suck so i’ll do it on ripway

Much better! I notice that he walks very slow, and the soap seems to float around his hand instead of being held by it.

And his hair is not the best…use particles.

yeah it was a rushed thing. im homeschooled and blender is one of my subjects :smiley:

Cool, I am too!

same here but blender is a activity cuz i took it up on my own

Same here.

kida bites cuz i have to work just to get the “RIGHT” to use it

man that sucks. Im glad my parents support me. They say i found something i finally like and am good at so they support me. My b day was recently and im getting my comp upgraded. $700 of support.

No Go. It says you have exceeded your 24 hour transfer limit.

Ripway sucks.


i have my own site now click the link in my sig and go to the animations page

THe operation always times out when I attempt to go to your site. :frowning:

Try Now timeout limit was 10 secs. Dont use any of those crappy free hosts. HOST OFF OF UR MACHINE. Go here and get the abyss web server for free and look at the forums and the Docs

I can’t find the animation. :expressionless:

EDITED: found it. The first link worked.
But it’s too dark, honestly I can hardly see what’s going on…