My first attempt at custom texturing

(TheHobbit) #1

I just didn’t understand texturing, so I decided to take my first step and try to understand how it works.
The link to my image
Drag to the URL in order to see it
or cut and past the following:

Comments are welcome but for the most part its a finished adventure for me. Any comments are needed though if they will help me further my skills. Thankyou for your time! :smiley:

(DreamMaster) #2

Is it just me that when I clicked that url, I was taken back to this thread as if it was a loop?

Anyways, wish I could give you my comments, but since I couldn’t see anything, I can’t. Unless you want me to lie.

(S68) #3

Copy & Paste Works…

Nice image


(Vidigiani) #4

I’ve been having that problem where it takes you back to thread on several links on this web board since yesterday evening… very weird.

(DAK) #5

this message board is broken again! :frowning:

(blengine) #6

i got it working =) pretty nice take clip board thing… are the edges beveled? i cant really tell but if not, u should always try to get at least the smallest bevel to all box objects, it looks alot better =)
great texturing

(rixtr66) #7

hmmm,errr pretty good texture job!interesting subject.


(DreamMaster) #8

Now I can comment on this image! :slight_smile: It’s pretty good! Customizing your own textures can be a pain in the neck! :slight_smile: Great job.

(TheHobbit) #9

I won’t post on the board again but I really wouldn’t mind if you’d mention how I could bevel the edges :slight_smile:

(Avatar) #10

wish i could give my comments, but your sit appears to be offline :x

(Pooba) #11




(Ecks) #12

When I copy and paste it say PAGE NOT FOUND… and the other link make a loop with this page…

(blengine) #13

huh, i think it started to load, then jumped to an error page…booo =(

(DAK) #14

Please only post links that WORK!

(TheHobbit) #15

Ok, the image was working. Since noone visits my actual site you wouldn’t know but I update it almost every day and 2 times I have redone the site totally and deleted a lot of things. I accidentally had deleted my picture but since your all wanting to see it still I dug it out of the recycle bin where it was hiding.

the URL
was and still is

It works…
if my images don’t ever work please bring it to my notice politely, I take things personally and I’m not happy now at the last few posts.