my first attempt at modeling a character

to be honest i made this a long time ago and could not truly understand what to do next. please leave a comment as to how i can improve it or if i did anything wrong in it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you and please reply.
(as for what i made)

its kinda a fantasy character biased on the top one in the image but i made changes to it mainly cause i thought i would look better that way the entire thing it self took me a long time to make and again anything as to how i am doing and any improvement, or how i could make things easier on my self. thanks and please reply.
also please go check out my first animation video (minecraft biased)

MINE-DAY2 THE CRAFT (minecraft short) . thanks

Hello masab.mia, that’s a good start. I really like the concept.

Is this modelled or sculpted? It looks like a sculpted mesh. If so you should finish the sculpt and what to do after that depends on your plans with this creature. If you want to rig it you should do a retopology after your sculpting is finished. If you just want to do a clay render that’s not necessary. There are lots of beautiful clay renders in this forum.

I don’t know what’s happened to his knee, but there seems to be a problem.

So good for the first attempt. ^^
I like it, you are talented. :slight_smile:

thanks man that mean a lot. :smiley:

i will try to add retopology to it but as i found out what that is it and tried doing it, but it because very difficult very fast (still trying to figure out how it works) can anyone tell me how to texture it, not the basic image texture, but rather if their is a different way of coloring, painting or texturing. basically i want to know the way to achieve this more efficiently (doesn’t matter if it takes a long time to do it) and to make it look more realistic as close as to real life as i can., thank you for replying