my first attempt head modelling

I just followed instructions from Joan D’Arc tutorial. With this tutorial it’s quite easy, but I still don’t find modelling very funny. Texturing and lighting are much more funny for me :slight_smile:

Funny? I don’t understand.

Anyway. Excellent work there.

No crits I can see at the moment.

How long did that take you? I’m working on a face at the moment too. But more importantly an eye. How long did it take you to make yours?

Hope to see an animation. :slight_smile:

Modelling take me about 4-5 hours, but now, I think it shouldn’t take more then 2-3 hours.

Very nice model. A wire view would be interesting.

The ear ‘helix’ looks a bit ‘thin’ to me, but that’s my only crit.

Are you going to continue the with the body?

Nicely done.

I agree with thoro about the ear being a little thin. Also, the corners of the mouth seem to be pinched a bit instead of flowing into the cheek area.

Excellent first head model though.


i think he meant fun.
judging by the name he’s eastern european? typical american english grammer mistake i think…

looks great, btw. i was also working on the jean d’arc tut recently and will post what i have so far for c&c’s.