My first attempt in modeling

Hello everyone! This is my first real try when I spend few weekends to actually learn modeling in blender. I used various youtube tutorials for basic things to learn basic operations and hot keys.
Rendering is done in experimental 2.8 because of random walk SSS. This is raw output from renderer. No postprocessing, only native gama correction/tonemapping.
Hope you like it :slight_smile:
Check out thread also on artStation:


Not bad at all! Your lighting feels a bit sterile, even if artificial, and the post it note feels a little too perfect. Shaders look great, if a little too “clean” (honestly, that doesn’t bother me nearly as much as making everything look overly grungy)

A couple of drips of coffee on the napkin though could go a long way, but by all means, keep it subtle. Modelling-wise, things look good from here!


thanks for your reply shawn.kearney.
I agree. I spend quite some time on adding roughness layers of fingerprints for every pecular surface but overal effect was very small. I was thinking of adding few more objecs like suger packets with granular sugar particles but didn’t found time for that.

I’m going to be completely honest…that does not look like it was created by a beginner.


I am graphics software developer with years of experiance on 3D rendering but before I didn’t really modeled anything more complex than cube :grinning: I had few tries in sculting which is much easier than box modeling. I also have art background. I was in painting school for 4 years and finished it when I was 12.

you can find some of my old work :slight_smile:

Damn, I want some of that coffee/tea right now.

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haaha :smiley: That was my goal! :smiley:

Beautiful, not the most original subject but great execution.
And I think the grunge level is just right, subtle but noticable.
I disagree with the light looking artificial, just a bit flat.
Not every scene should be bathing in golden sundown lighting, but with everyday objects as your subject you could try something more exciting.
Even without these adjustments it belongs in the top row in my opinion.
Congrats in advance.

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What I meant by the light is that it’s just too “overhead”. There’s no indication that this exists in real space, even in a darkened room, there should be some ambient, some variation in light direction. It’s not so much it feels “artificial” but rather sterile, like we’re looking at a computer desk at an OBGYN exam :stuck_out_tongue:

A little bit of character to the lighting I think would help.

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Hi, I agree that it’s missing indirect lighting and that might not be good from artistic point of view. I modeled only portion of the scene which is directly visible from camera and little bit more for specular reflections . I added just tiny bit of ambient environment light to compensate for missing indirect light coming from outside. And again this post is about my first attempt of modeling objects in blender.
Here is some of the textures and closer look of individual objects from the scene.

I don’t mind the lighting, I’ve worked in some very soulless desk spaces so it just reminds me of those. The only thing which really throws me is the spoon. Maybe you just have weird spoons, but for what I’m used to it’s rather “blobby”.

good observation! :slight_smile: I actually forgot about that. so that spoon is modeled as single sided surface and it has solidify and subdivide modifiers on top. I did that based on tutorial and workflow was very smooth and simple but I found that after that you don’t have that much control on it’s shape. I tweaked parameters in modifiers to get little bit better edges but that was maximum I could achieve with that approach. Probably uniform thickness gives that look especially along edges :expressionless:

I think as much as anything it’s the location and lack of shape to the bend. I’d normally expect a spoon handle to be of a more consistent slope, leading up to a harsher kink, combined with a bit more of an upturned bend.

I guess this is what I see as an archetypal teaspoon

But perhaps that’s just an indication of the type of restaurant I used to work in.

I’d normally expect a spoon handle to be of a more consistent slope, leading up to a harsher kink, combined with a bit more of an upturned bend.

I believe that’s just a matter of taste :slight_smile: Quite some people also complained about shape of the cup.