My first attempt to learn Cycles materials

So after messing around with Cycles for almost a year, I finally decided to buckle down and learn how the material system works in depth. This is my result so far. The scene is the wonderful free download “Old Place” by Milan Stankovic, so many thanks are in order for this canvas to work on. The textures are a combination of reference photos I’ve taken over the years, and a few found from free sources online. I did some post in the compositor, as well as in PS to “dirty up” a few pieces that I thought were too clean looking. I’d love some feedback and ideas as far as where to take it next.

Looks really nice but since this is focused critique here is what i notice after inspecting closely. the texture on the wall seems to be skewed and it is obviously tiled. The lamps texture looks strangely splotchy. There appears to be some odd shadows on the cushion of the chair. Other than that i can find any other issues.

To me the scaling seems a bit off. Mainly the table and chairs look too small, but the light pole looks short as well and very fragile given how small the neck is right before the lamp area. It also looks like you didn’t put a window in, just the shutters as it looks like the wall texture behind them. But it looks very good otherwise.

Those are all valid things to point out, but I’d also like to point out that I didn’t model any of this scene, I just did the materials.