My first attempt to make chair

please review

It looks fantastic! I have two suggestions. First I would smooth the base out a little. The other thing that looks off too me is the 90 degree angle on the green fabric. But it is great as is.

Good first attempt. I agree either smooth out the base or make it less smooth. You need to lighten up the background or the black chair part a bit because you can’t see where the black back of the chair ends and the blackness of the background starts. The curve of the top of the chair is almost an optical illusion. I like the green cloth texture.

Thanks for your comment, you are right i feel something wrong with the base. let me try with different colors also.

thank you for your comment.
Me also feel something wrong with that base.good suggestion.

nice modeling!! but the design looks wrong? the base looks too small to keep it stable and the back curve, in my opinion, would give you back ache in minutes!! ps I’m not an expert but do have a bad back :wink:

um yeah
thanks for comment

However its not just designed for sitting. to do something @ night.