My first automotive model

Didn’t remember the Blender version I had use to start this. I begin this model about december 2011 and finished febraury 2012. Those days I was wondering if I can model a car, but instead of modelling a sport car or a muscle car or something like that I selected an old coach just to made something different.
The mesh is not as “clear” and perfect as I would like because 1. This was made after ngons comes to Blender and 2. Cos due to my beginner skills I started from a cube and made a “monopieced” structure instead of made separated pieces.

I did a lot of work in this model, trying to made it as real as possible. In the end it have so much vertices, but it helps me to find out better ways to do better works. It was rendered in Blender render with HDRI illumination.
I would aprreciate your comments.

Thank you and sorry for my english.

it looks to be really good. one thing you could consider, is that a lot of these buses had blue or green tinting to the windows. also, a little road dirt could add a realistic touch. also, the headlight glass could be improved with a normals map.
(edit) and welcome to the forum.

Ngons have nothing to do with topology; they, like everything else are a tool. :slight_smile:

Great job on the meodelling and welcome to the forum.

The background other than the sky could use some luvin’ /nod.

I rode that bus

I have no critiques for the model, though the materials could use some work. It looks much too clean in my opinion. (Of course, I live in a place where most vehicles have dull brown sides from dust, so maybe it looks cleaner to me than to others.) The sides and front especially are too reflective for my tastes, and the windows a bit too transparent. I would also recommend a little dirt texture, particularly on the hubcaps. But otherwise, looks pretty darn good to me!

Thank you. In next daws I will show more works here and I will participate regullary. I don’t know how a normals map can improve the headlights. Can you explain me please? One year ago I found it not so real but I didn’t know how to do.

Thank you. I don’t know what is a luvin’ nod. I think is time to google it :wink:

I din’t know that hyperspace were a dusty place (hoho, just kidding). I think with tinted glasses and dusk from over here and there will be great. Thaks.

Let’s go to Tijuana :smiley: