my first (believable) organic model!

c+c welcome. im pretty proud of it :slight_smile: anything i can do to improve scene or model. i dont really like the texture that much either…cheers!


thats pretty cool, the only thing is that I think the head and the neck are a little square, and maybe you should give the texture more detail.

thanks, ill try rounding the neck and face a little. you got any good tips for detailing the texture - im really crap with texturing :frowning:

bit rounder…


that looks fine, the only thing i notice is that it has no tongue! maybe would be nice if you add some more tooth, and a little more light, i know it is like the Nes lagoon monster (right?) but i barely can see it!!!

Too dark!:frowning: Brighten the scene up a lot, maybe turn on AO.

Believable, in a fake Loch Ness monster sort of way…

bit brighter, inside mounth sort of:confused - might add some teeth later… anyone advise me on what to do with the scales? :confused:


I like him he’s friendly =)

the texture needs a lot of work, but besides that I think the head is too snake like to be nessy

nice but i think you should make the fins more fishy
and move them down and forward