My first "Best of my best"

I know, its low poly. but for what its worth, this took me a whole day (my attention span was really being streched) + i am a newbie at blender.
well here it is:

From the looks of it you used the Blender Internal for the rendering. Have you tried Cycles yet?

The modeling seems decent, though you could add so much more to improve the overall feel of your scene. Like, add some sesame seeds on tome of your bun (which needs a bit of smoothing btw), you could add some french fries and ketchup packets.

Add a few bevels to the burger box so it doesn’t look like razor sharp edges. And give the cola cup top a more stylized feel so it doesn’t look so flat.

Maybe give the table a bit of a shine and use an actual wood texture so it looks less repetitive.

If you’re gonna use the Blender Internal then try turning on the Ambient Occlusion in the World settings and maybe turn on the Environment Lighting as well.

Overall this is great as a starting point! Nice job!

thanks. i honestly was expecting some one to say “it sucks”. i will probably try to do a different project, rather than this, since i don’t think i can make this look TOO good.

You could most DEFINITIVELY make it look better =)

Like I said, you have fairly good modeling there, all you need to do is just add a bit more. Very important, look for reference images. They will help you out a lot.

It’s all part of the learning process, so just keep at it and you will get better and better!

ok, so here is my “revised” copy, even though this is supposed to be “finished” projects, i personally thought that this would be considerd “finished”. but anyways, here it is:


ok, so here is my “revised” copy, even though this is supposed to be “finished” projects, i personally thought that this would be considerd “finished”. but anyways, here it is:


sorry for the mess, image management issues.
the last picture’s the correct one

It looks better. I agree with Siino, I think you should try cycles. It is easy to use and get the hang of. I think you would be surprised at how much easier it is to make a real looking image.

what is “cycles”?

Cycles is a render engine. Just like the Blender Internal… there’s a tab near the top center of your UI that says “Blender Render”, click on it and change it to Cycles.

Since it looks like you are not familiar with it I suggest you look up some videos on YouTube about it.
I recommend this one: (mainly because it was the first video I saw when I myself didn’t know what Cycles was lol).

Hope this helps =)

The video that CGSiino shares is a must see!
It is also linked here, together with other Cycles related stuff:

You might also consider Freestyle, another different render engine. Info and links here:

Just to give you a quick example of what Cycles can do, I modeled a burger so you can see it in action. Hope you can use it as a source to increase your knowledge.

Good Work but needs more details…

It’s a good start. You can also tone down that shine on the bun by turning down the specular.

WOW! Excellent realism on da crispy water, dude! I tried something like that and am still working on it but came no further than this (so far :P) WIP:

googol and siino You guys are incredible!!
I love the cellphone googol!

Yeah being honest you have a long way to go with that yet, get into Cycles, use references and aim to match that reference image as close as possible. Best way to learn and improve.