My first BGE problems. If you play my version of it in camera mode you can see that the key icon that is suppose to appear on the top of the character appears in its centre also if you play it in non camera mode the key icon after you get the key appears on the entire scence.


My_first_Blender_game_initial_scene.blend (490 KB)

The key ends so you can’t see it anymore. I think that is as it is supposed to work.

The key you see in the middle of the screen is “Key_Plane” in the overlay scene. I assume that this is what you want to have.

As this object is in a different scene it is not possible to be “above” the player. Another scene is like another universe.

What you can do is to show “Key_Plane” at another position when you look through the camera of the overlay scene.
You can do that by modifying the “Key_Plane”'s action (move the key up) or by moving the camera (move the camera down).

Hint: It would be nice to place the key near the character. I had to run through all your level just to see you problem.

I want the key icon to appear when you get the key and disappear when you open the gate. Here is a better version of the game.


My_first_Blender_game_initial_scene.blend (490 KB)

It looks like you got it. Just make sure the overlay scene is at frame 0 on start-up. Otherwise the overlay key appears at game start.

Alternative: activate the action actuator to play the it’s first frame.

Problem solved my key_plane object started at frame 1 while in the action actuator I set animation to become at frame 0. When I changed the start to frame 1 the problem was solved.