my first blend

im asking you to give me suggestions and i also need help with finding textures for my space ship. it is my first blend (im sure there is way better ‘first blends’ out there :smiley: lol)anyway it is going to be for a game called freelancer. i still need to add more detail to it and i stil dont know where to get proper textures!
here is the pics

front view

‘other’ view
remember this is my first thing so dont judge me so badly lol

I know of freelancer, not a bad game at all. Your going to use it in the game? If so you’ll want to know what the poly limit is. Good start though. You might want to try using some of the functions in the ctrl e menu. Such as loopcut among other things. It will help you add more detail in. The tail fins, are too thick though. So you might want to try making them a bit thinner and longer in the length of the ship. So the look like they do something. Be great to see this progress. So keep it up!

thanks for your reply. i do not know what do poly limit is, let alone know what a poly is lol. could someone explain please?

lol. ok a poly is also known as a face. Your model is made up of faces…thats what you see. You have Triangle polys and quad polys. Triangle polys are made up of 3 vertices connected. quad polys are 4. Your basic cube has 6 poly’s. 8 vertices and 12 edges. The more poly’s the longer it takes to render. So in a game you need low poly object so the game engine can cope with rendering it live in the gaming environment. It would be good for you to do some tutorials so you have a better understanding of the fundamentals behind 3d modelling. Try here:

You model is a good start and with some work it could become quite a good model. Just takes practice.

yea ok. i will have this as my ‘muck around’ blend. im trying to apply different textures to it using uv. very hard to get it right. lol. and btw is there a way to find out how many pollys freelancer can cope with?

you’ll want to do a tut on UV before you start mucking around with it. I wouldn’t use past 4000 polys. That might still be to much. Perhaps make it lower. Then incorporate it into the game then, if it works fine, add a little more detail. etc. Till it runs nice and smooth and looks nice! A way to find out. is perhaps to try and import a model from the game into blender. I dont know what format Free Lancer uses so i wouldn’t have the fogiest on what to do.