My first blend

Hi all, this will be my first post and stuffs done in blender, right now I’m a total noob about blender I can only do this, “my first blend house” guided by a an awesome tutor in a video tutorial I’ve just downloaded… I wonder what’s his name was because he teaches so good!. Any tips on how learn this awesome software much quicker? because I often tempted to sleep than learning things :confused:, thank you.

This is just too much for a beginner to make, simply amazing!
I remember my first blend was like a rabbit holding his carrot with his eyes instead of palms. (He seemed more a deformed dolphin than rabbit :-P)
If you wanna improve your skills with blender, learn the ideas from the tutorial not just follow it.

That’s nice for a first blend! Following tutos is a good way to start. You can also buy yourself an online formation. It’s more structured and easier to understand Blender in its whole.
Anyway, Welcome aboard… :wink:

I’m now gonna postpone doing this house for now :o, I feel some kind of annoyance, you know… its not my own design concept that I’m doing right now, you know that feeling when you discover that your son is not biologically yours , but I’m gonna finish it in the future (I don’t even know when…) because I think losing is better than quitting, and btw thanks for the comments. I’ll surely gonna share more of my stuffs going to make and this time its my own concept design.

Like Abd said, don’t just follow the tutorial, learn what you’re doing. If you really want to learn Blender, I suggest investing in a CGCookie citizen membership for awhile.:slight_smile: