my first blender animation....

Okay, after three months of learning blender from online tutorials, (and a lot of late nights), here’s my first effort, a little 50 second film that I’ve entered into a competition in the hope that I may win some beer!

There are no armatures, I haven’t got that far yet, but have had some great fun and think that I’m truly addicted to this wonderful software.:smiley:

I hope you find it amusing.

Very nice! A lot better than my fist animations!


Haha, super! Intergalactic Death Bunnies, where do I sign up for that army?! :smiley:

Nicely done - I see great videos from you coming in the future I hope

Really nice job,Keep it up.

Great job especially for your first. Can’t wait for your next work.

U done a good job at your first animation.Looking forward to see your more art.

Great job for your first animation!!
You might want to “Set Smooth” your characters though - they look a bit too faceted at the moment.

Also about texturing, read up the wealth of info on the wiki:

LOL! Loved the view of Hubble’s final images on the news broadcast and the flashing warning sign. Excellent first animation, and very complex as well. You’re off to a brilliant start :smiley:

So this is how we go? An intergalactic bunny? Wowserz! That was so awesome.
My favorite part was…most of it. It made me laugh. Even though you’re newer to
this and used a lot of basic shapes, the way you went about puting it all together
(object placement, story progression, etc…) kept me interested till the end. Creative.
Super cool. Neato! I liked all the buildings at the end too.

It’s Nice ,but not better than my first animation.

That is an amazing first animation! I hope I can do a fraction of that quality when I get to that point. I really didn’t expect to see that kind of quality when i clicked on your link. I was thinking simple and cheesy. I love the bunny bit too. Keep going cause you are going places with this.