My first Blender experiment

My first shot at creating a photoshop ‘matte’ painting using a blender model. I just downloaded blender a few days ago, and loving it so far! Whole new world to me coming from a photography / graphic design (strictly photoshop) background.

It’s pretty rough (ok, really rough!) but not terrible for a first try I think/hope.Looking forward to utilizing textures within blender a bit more… hopefully I can take photoshop more out of the picture over time.

Big version

Thanks & Enjoy! :yes:

can you show what is blender and what is painted? because it looks awesome

agreed, what is blender? is that just two images layered over each other???

Cool robot, nice baground, too bad it is not all rendered with blender, but as all others have said, what is blender and what is not?

It sure has alot of style. I like it. Although I think the sun might be a bit too bright.