My First Blender MiniGame! (Now with a ScreenShoot)

Hi people!

I’m a newbie in Blender. Before I program my hobby games in Allegro, then in OpenGL, then in Crystal Space and now I’m trying make them in Blender. For the moment I think that with Blender its very simple make a game, but i need to try make a some complex game with Python-Blender.
Please try-it my FZERO(nintendo olg race game) style minigame and give me you opinions and what can I do to improve this game!
(the first link)

(now I’m going to make a 4 days holiday’s travel!!)

Hey, looks cool :smiley: , is it like a time trial, or will there be other racers?

Very cool game, and you say you were making games in C++ before using Blender? That’s really cool, you’ve already got a head start if you want to start using Python.

Cool game, do you plan on adding more to this game or is it only a small demo?

Cool, I mean it looks very nice. I tried a game like that too, using jet like racers. Maybe I continue on it :smiley:

Hey, I’m back!

Thank’s guys for your comments. With this game I’m trying what i can do with Blender while I learn it. And my plan for this minigame is the following:

  • Reassign all the UV texture coordinates for all the objects because now are wrong
  • Make nice columns that support the track(now are only blue cones)
  • Make animations on the car, now it likes a simple sprite in the middle of the screen. For example, when the user push left or right the car can rotate to the left or right.
  • Make a time-left top screen (with 3d font styles or simple 2d fonts?)
  • When the car crashes to the middle track collision boxes the game can play a CRASHHH sound.
  • The track can have a tunnel zone
  • The track can have objects that the car will jump when it collide with them.
  • Put a main game screen (Start Game - Low Times - Exit Game)
  • Create a Low Times Screen users with the name of the users that do the track in the 10 lowest times.
  • Create others racers. I can do with a Path? With an static animation? With a Python Script an IA(I’m dreaming, hehe)?

And please, tell me others things that I can add to this game to improve it!!