my first blender model

Started to learn blender last week. This is my first worthy model made from it. Still largely incomplete, took me 3 day to make it largley because i keep on looking at references to get familiar with all those shortcuts and buttons.

Ill work on it this weekend, hopefully i get this done soon so i can start learing blender’s IK/FK system. Crittics and commets welcome.

Nice work, keep it up. I’m also working on a woman body, maby they can be partners :smiley:

Sure JD-multi, they could be partners. :slight_smile: Im actully honored, i think.

Actually, i was thinking of doing a female model myself, scince its the hip thing to do these days, but somehow, i think doing males are easier in general with less curves and all and i’d rather not jump the gun.

BTW i’d like add that Blender is really amazing. Cept for the renderer, i havent seen any weak point in it yet. Is it the only modeler around with Mouse Guestures anyone?

Do you have previous 3d experience? If not, you’re a freaking prodigy…

DITTO Valarking’s post !


Not with blender. A lot with CAD programs and a bit of 3d modeling along the way, trying out the commercial software my hands could lay on, which are very similar to CAD in nature usually.

When u get to know some modeling basics i think it is only learning the interface, and how its done in another software that you have to trouble your self on. Right now im actually trying to figure how to apply the techniques I learned from oher softwares to work with blender. So far, blender seems to have it all; for thousands of dollars less ;).

My only regret in finding out this program is that wish I had found this software before. For the free price, you get one of the most amazing 3d packages around, and the best support available with people who actually uses the software.

Welcome to Blender!

Nice first post!


Thanks S68.

s68: one more post and you’ve got the current year!! (2002) :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Very nice! Especially as it´s your first Blender-model! Amazing really, even though you´ve used other software packages before. Looking forward to see hands and feet.

P.S. If you want to, you can mirror your model by making a linked copy (ALT + D) and flipping it (S-key +X-key or Y-key). That way you can see almost how the final result will get!

Ok here are the latest update. Sorry for not being able to post a render, im still not too familiar with the camera. The bicepts still needs some work, and some of the body parts. Hope you keep tunned.

Added some more boots detail :slight_smile: a super villain hair style, might change later on.

:slight_smile: And thanks for the tips Detritus, the symetry thing does work like a charm only that the other half is colored black. Anyway, heres the pic a made a while ago. Not really the most current but only a small bit have changed since this one, you wont miss it.

Very good stuff.

Would it be possible to show a close-up of the hand.

hannibar, here’s that hand.

Excellent work…

My first attempt with blender was a bit of frustration… :frowning:

In case you haven’t noticed, you are actually raising the level around here…

Stay with us… We need people like you…


awesome first post. looking forward to seeing something finished in the future. way to go


Actually there are quite a number of renders around here that I find very impressive. Take Pujo’s charahter and Brian J’s mustang for example. If i havent heard of blender, I would think that Pujo’s was done in maya or C4d and Brian’s in in Lightwave (did you see that awsome render?).

The blender community can hold on its own. :slight_smile: But i would love to stay and hang around the community every chance i could. While some CG chat room shuns a newbie, Elysium has some very Good people, and good graphics what more can a CG artist ask?

And BaDbOyHeRe, thanks for the comments, Im in the proccess of finishing the model as I speak. At most, the mesh, without the textures.

Turn off “double-sided” :wink:

Thanks fritz :).

  • More details on the torso
  • Fixed the Biceps
  • Tweaked the eys a bit
  • Added some features at the back
  • Fixed the proportions to make him look Buffer
  • Changed the hair. It should do until i get the alpha maps done.

I guess thats it for him. There are still some parts i know i should add details to but i want to go see how the rigging system works. If any of u have additional tutes on bones, i would sure appriciate it. :slight_smile: