My first Blender-Movie

Hello :slight_smile:
This is the second Time, i post this video… first time, i forgot to post the Link ^^.

I hope you like what you see:

It’s a commercial for my e.p. “hate Compression”.
Made was this clip, after i was working with blender a half year.
Now i’m working a year with blender - and i looooove it :smiley:

Greezes from Switzerland

You only had 6 months experience with Blender before you made this? Very nice! Did you use any other software to make this? Also, did you have any previous experience with 3D modeling before you started with blender?


Thank you :smiley:
I did make the cut and Sound-Mix with Final cut pro X.

No, i had no experience with 3D-Programs before Blender. …except “Motion 4 & 5”. But that’s something like “after effects”.